Youth Visions

Media Arts Center San Diego presents a collection of youth-produced films from young filmmakers who use film as their primary method of artistic expression and to promote social change. This curated selection of short films features both fiction and nonfiction pieces, produced by filmmakers of varying levels of experience, addressing a range of topics including immigration, politics, health, the arts, and more.

Screening: March 24th / 2:00 pm / S1

Presented by The California Endowment

Film Selection:


(8 min) by Saray Aguilar (Reel Voices)
A documentary about being a Mexican-American teenager going through a cultural identity crisis and trying to understand what it means to be Mexican-American.

The Aztec Dance

(2 min) by Maria Medero (Mission Middle School, EUSD)
This video showcases the cultural beauty and timeless customs of the Aztec Dance. It highlights the costumes, music, and familial tradition as it continues to inspire new generations.

Behind the Camera

(5 min) by Gael Bagby-Fonseca, Wyatt Farmer, Matthew Flickinger (Teen Producers Project)
Students participate in the Teen Producer Project at Media Art Center San Diego every semester, creating documentary and fictional films. Behind the Camera chronicles the journey of young filmmakers in the 2017 Spring Intro Program as they embark on an experience focused on empowering young voices, elevating their communities and fighting for change.


(8 min) by Jailyn Zabala & Ezequiel “Zeke” Mejia (Mayles Documentary Center, NYC)
A new generation of women challenge the stereotypes of witchcraft in contemporary society.

Dojo Cafe

(4 min) by Timothy Fraher (Teen Producers Project)
Highlighting a new cafe in City Heights that is building community and providing opportunities to residents.

Ebi Sushi

(5 min) by Karla Cortez, Karen Miranda (Somerville Media Center)
Short-form documentary about a sushi restaurant in Somerville, MA, owned and operated by Salvadoran immigrants.

Education for Undocumented Students

(5 min) by Itzel Rios
While many opportunities have opened up to undocumented students, there are still many barriers that stand in the way. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of these students make it to post-secondary education. Undocumented and DACA students who aspire to become someone, deserve the chance to do so.


KCPA 47th Chicano Park Day News Story

(3 min) by King-Chavez Preparatory Academy
Students interview the Chicano Park Steering Committee and artist Hector Villegas during 47th annual Chicano Park Day in Barrio Logan. 

Plan A Plan B

(6 min) by Kimberly Moreno Chavez (Reel Voices)
The stories of Haitian immigrants who were unable to cross to the United States, who instead found successful lives in Tijuana, Mexico.


Power of Our Voices

(3 min) by Zachary Agapoa, Libni Zapata Sanchez, Said Perez, Wyatt Pliskin (Teen Producers Project)
A documentary about City Heights youth and their determination to create a skate park in their neighborhood.


(3 min) by Javier Laveaga, Victoria Fuentes, Liren Gonzalez, Chris Marten (Teen Producers Project)
A documentary short highlighting the work of ALCANCE, a local chronic disease prevention education program. Determined to honor the women involved with ALCANCE, REACH tells the story of the true power of their work: sharing information and empowering members of the community.


Sanctuary Cities

(8 min) by Drake Rankin and Alejandro Catano (Teen Producers Project)
An examination of the controversy over “sanctuary cities,” which limit their cooperation with the national government effort to enforce immigration law.


Settling: Hope and Housing for Haitian Refugees

(3 min) by Gael Bagby-Fonseca, Wyatt Farmer, Matthew Flickinger (Teen Producers Project)
A compelling documentary short that brings light to the housing crisis among Haitian refugees in the City Heights neighborhood of San Diego.


Still Love

(5 min) by Monica Matute & Alexander Puga
After attending unsuccessful therapy sessions, Sarah struggles to understand why she would be forced by her parents to get help over a relationship her sister had.

Take Back the Alley

(2 min) by Marcus McElroy (Teen Producers Project)
Volunteers from Qualcomm, local residents, business owners, and artists converge in the alleyways to take part in their transformation by painting murals, installing signage, marking pathways, installing lights, weeding and planting, and a variety of other designs as determined by the community.


(4 min) by Meghan Allison Ibañez and Reel Voices
Mexican women discuss women representation in the media from the two border countries.


Umbrella of Hope

(1 min) by Aileen Sanchez and Ashley Martinez (Mission Middle School, EUSD)
This PSA urges viewers to understand that depression is a treatable condition and compels the viewer to offer “an umbrella of protection” to those experiencing depression.

An Uneasy Truce

(4 min) by Sylvia Colt-Lacayo (Bay Area Video Coalition)
A teen girl struggles with loving her body.

Total running time: 79 minutes


Media Arts Center San Diego’s Youth Visions showcase and year-round youth media education programs are made possible with the support of:

California Arts Council, City of San Diego Commission for Arts & Culture, Cox Communications, County of San Diego, The California Endowment, SDG&E, Wells Fargo, National Endowment for the Arts