¡Frontera Filmmakers!

For the past 25 years Media Arts Center San Diego‘s San Diego Latino Film Festival has been committed to celebrating local filmmakers whose passions, innovations, and tenacity have led them to create significant works of cinematic art. This diverse selection of films for our 25th Anniversary is proof positive that the San Diego / Tijuana border region is brimming with emerging and established artists, ready to transform the way we look at films.

Avenida Bugambilia

Dir. Paulina Casmur
(Mexico / USA / New Zealand, 61 min., 2017, Spanish w/ English subtitles, Documentary)
In the year of 1957 Justina goes through a divorce. She was the first of her family to break the laws society imposed. After this event, she decided to travel in solitude looking for new paths in her life. In her journey she began writing letters to her sister Norma, who lived in Bougainvillea Avenue in Mexico. Of the 87 letters Justina sent to Norma, 10 were selected to tell this story. Bougainvillea Avenue is a documentary about the sadness a woman goes through after a breakup and about finding herself again. This story is about the end of a relationship and also about a separation from society… the one that has imposed marriage as the only house for women.

Cine Loteria

Dir. Eduardo Luis Arguelles
(USA / Mexico, 89 min., 2017, English; Spanish w/ English subtitles, Narrative)
A modern day Peter Pan struggles to find the end to his film and when he falls in love with his psychiatric doctor, he finds that growing up is really hard to do.

Happy New Year Tijuana

Dir. Andrew van Baal
(Mexico, 75 min., 2017, English; Spanish w/ English subtitles, Narrative)
A chance encounter with a former student in Tijuana on New Year’s Eve leads to an emotionally turbulent night for a Chicano Studies professor who’s at a crossroads in his life.


Dir. Sergio Brown Figueredo
(Mexico, 52 min., 2017, Spanish w/ English subtitles, Experimental)
Saicología es el autorretrato documental de un hombre que desde una mirada subjetiva, a partir de un hecho de transgresión en su familia, se adentra en un viaje por la mente profunda del ser y la sociedad mediante la literatura y los registros de su vida cotidiana con una cámara ojo al pecho.

Singing Our Way to Freedom

Dir. Paul Espinosa
(USA, 87 min., 2017, English, Documentary)
A multilayered portrait of San Diego musician, composer and community activist, Ramon “Chunky” Sanchez. The film chronicles Chunky’s remarkable life events from his humble beginnings as a farmworker in Blythe, California to receiving the National Heritage Fellowship at the Library of Congress in Washington DC in 2013. Despite the major social transformations that occurred in San Diego during the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s and 70s, much of that history is scarcely known today, particularly the contributions made by young Chicanos. A portrait of one charismatic musician and activist allows us to revisit this pivotal era of American history and to provoke dialogue about the many hurdles that had to be overcome to gain equal rights for Latinos in today’s society. Purchase tickets today, click here! 

Weigh Down

Sergio Lopez

(USA, 105 min., 2017, English, Drama)

An aging blues musician returns home after ten years in hopes of confronting his past, accepting who he is, and finding his son.

¡Frontera Filmmakers! – Short Films (Purchase tickets here)

Emmanuel Robles – Beyond the Ring
Dir. James Valdez

Dead Flower
Dir. Daniel Bautista

El Chaparrito
Dir. Evan Apodaca

Dir. Jocelyne Flores Ventura

Dir. Levi Franciso Quiroz Chavez

The Last Light
Dir. Angelita Mendoza

La Ramona
Dir. Antonio De Jesus Sanchez

Maid in America
Dir. Laura Castañeda

Dir. Christian Cavazos


Ticket Prices:
General Admission – $12.00
Senior/Student/Military – $10.00
Member rate – $9.00

Tickets will be on sale by March 5th, 2018. 


Screenings to take place at AMC Fashion Valley 18 & MACSD’s very-own Digital Gym CINEMA North Park.